After a colourful and drifting upbringing between France and England, Brooke has developed the intense narrative style, which has won her admiration from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC6 Music), The Observer and The Guardian. Busking since the age of 16 around Europe and the UK, France and Italy these last five years, her music influences are broad. Her songs challenge the boundaries of love; tell stories of personal encounters reflecting on the places the last two years have taken her both physically and emotionally.

Brooke taps into topics that many people think, or feel, but don't allow themselves to talk about, and she finds hope and power through honesty in her writing, all the while celebrating human emotion with its many flaws, lack of understanding, imagination and vulnerability. 'Your Tomorrow' speaks of our feelings when others do better than us and find things easier. We get lost in admiration, all the while forgetting that someone is looking straight at us and we can't see it. ‘Wandering Heart’ is an achingly intimate conversation between a couple about allowing each other to explore open love; it ends in musical chaos, which reflects inner turmoil or the release of self trying the deal with such matters. 'Faces' is written in French and English and breaks any conventional songwriting structure, all the while keeping people on a thread. It speaks of the fear of seeing people you haven't seen for many years, and the questions it brings up about one's own life.

Brooke takes her musical influences from old French music, folk and contemporary pop/rock. These songs were written about London life and summers travelling along the coasts of France and Italy with long term collaborator Adam Beattie who plays guitar in Brooke's band but who is also a singer/songwriter in his own right.

With a vocal style that switches effortlessly between lithely melodic and fiery, set against a deeply atmospheric musical backdrop, comparisons with the likes of Kate Bush, Ane Brun and Cat Power are inevitable.

Her unique sound has been described as: 'An introspective sound adorned with emotional vocals and sliding string sections that create a tense air of melancholy that few others can master so simply and so elegantly, Brooke Sharkey oozes a creativity that radiates emotion. She is a woman who bleeds artistry' (Fresh Beats).

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